Featured Products

At Phaktory, we offer a wide array of products to meet the needs of the legal profession, business and academia. Due to the breath and scope of our experience, we approach each project with a wealth of insight into how product can be best produced for the amount of investment is being made.

We support you through process of concept development, scripting, locations, graphics/animation, editing/post-production and distribution. Our approach is to create programming that is easily viewable and revisable. We believe simple is typically better, and add layers of complexity to a project only as deemed necessary.

On this page, we share a sampling of the types of products we produce.


PDF is not just for documents anymore. With today’s technology, the PDF format can be expanded to include video, along with text and graphics. Imagine a PDF file that can be easily and widely distributed. It reads like a magazine and is imbedded with links that activate secure video playback through the Internet.

  • PDFs Packed with Rich Content
  • Printable or Distributed Electronically
  • Updateable and Revisable
  • Best Uses include Marketing, Editorials and Training
HD Podcasts

We produce custom podcasts in our studio facility. This can be a one-off podcast or they can be produced in a series. In addition to the audio, each program is recorded and edited in HD video. This includes shots from multiple cameras and also integrated visuals including video and graphics. Our professional staff of producers and technicians guide the process from scripting to finished product.

Our clients post the podcasts to their websites, to YouTube and to social media.

With this popular format, our clients are able to disseminate fresh, high quality content for news, promotion, public information, education and private distribution.

Professional hosts are available for hire, if desired.

  • Affordable Packages
  • Provides Fresh Content
  • Easily Revisable
  • Spans Internet and Social Media
HD Video Production

Build your brand and spread your message with the use of a custom HD video. These programs come complete with live action footage, interviews, motion graphics, static images, archival elements, music and narration.

We manage the creation of your programming from concept to completion. We develop the script, shoot raw video, capture archival elements, produce graphics/animation, acquire music, edit the finished product and deliver it in a variety of formats.

  • Customizable Templates
  • Scripting Expertise
  • Creative Blending of Mixed Media
  • Multi-Sensory Viewer Experience
  • Interactivity
3D Graphics and Animation

Our studio contains a full 3D computer animation system that enables us to create powerful visuals. We guide the creation process through design, storyboarding, model building and animation.

We try to capitalize on the acquisition of rights to archival production elements that can be modified for a particular project, thereby keeping costs down. Our ability to create in full 1080 HD resolution produces a stunning final product.

  • Stunning 3D Imaging
  • High Impact Motion Graphics
  • Concept to Completion Services
  • Bid or By the Hour
News Releases: TV and Print

Discover the stories to be told within your organization and then distribute them to media outlets across the United States and worldwide. Our team develops and implements a media strategy for TV, print, the Internet and social media.

With our specific experience working in TV news as journalists and videographers, we offer our clients effective approaches that produce greater results. Additionally, we train spokespersons how to better present themselves on camera.

  • Get Your Message in the News
  • Exploit a Myriad of Distribution Channels
  • Educate the Public
  • Serve Community Causes
Webinars and Conferences

From our studio facility, our clients are able to conduct live webinars or focus groups and broadcast them on the Internet, either publically or privately. With this technology, you are able to reach audiences worldwide. The programming is streamed live. You save on travel expenses and lost productivity. At the broadcast's conclusion, the recorded HD video can be edited and distributed.

  • Market 24/7
  • Teach and Train in Remote Locations
  • Create Groups of Distant Parties
Day in the Life Films

We specialize in telling the poignant, intimate and inspirational stories in the lives of individuals and families. Captured using traditional film techniques, arduous yet inspirational daily struggles display the courage and desire individuals possess to overcome whatever obstacles life brings.

  • Capture Victories and Struggles
  • Maintain Respect and Build Admiration
  • Construct Complete Impressions
  • Educate Concerning the Cost of Living

Take advantage of this proven approach to presenting your story through the use of a timeline. Our timelines can contain video, photographs, graphics, text and icons. Timelines provide clarity through displaying the elements in relation to one another, establishing patterns, and providing a compelling overview of often-complex subject matter.

Our timelines can be designed to be either static or interactive. We deliver finished product in a variety formats either for print or electronic display.

  • Complex Themes Come to Life
  • Displays Key Evidence
  • Static or Interactive
  • Multimedia: Images, Video and Text
Legends and Legacies

Imagine capturing for posterity that significant person or persons in your business or personal life. Shoot current video footage and weave archival elements into a finished program that can be accented with narration, graphics and music.

It could be key figures in your enterprise or a family's patriarch or matriarch.

  • Capture Family Histories
  • Honor Stalwarts and Leaders
  • Build Organizational Biographies
FAQs in HD

Engage your audience by answering frequently asked questions fully and understandably. In addition to providing written answers to important questions, provide additional insights and commentary through the use of visual media.

Get creative. Your clients and customers will appreciate the extent to which you keep them informed.

  • Build Your YouTube Presence
  • Capitalize on Video and Graphics
  • Provide Fuller and Clearer Responses
  • Lessen the Demand of Answering Calls

We remain committed to community: locally, nationally and globally. In support of non-profits with varying purposes, we've produced award-winning video programming that aids in the effort to solicit funding and raise awareness of the mission and activities of charitable organizations.

  • Raise Funds and Awareness
  • Provide Tributes to Leaders and Volunteers
  • Educate as to Mission and Goals