Litigation Services

Phaktory is a litigation support group that specializes in packaging evidence for use in court cases. Our services include case review and conceptualization, capturing exhibits and depositions, developing demonstrative aids and operating on-site presentation systems. Our team includes seasoned trial consultants, highly skilled technicians and graphic designers.

We work throughout the United States on a broad range of cases. We have nearly 30 years of experience, supporting major litigation for both plaintiff and defense including aviation, mass torts, patent, trucking and whistleblower cases. We command current technologies and provide consistent results, utilizing our expertise and proven techniques. We've successfully streamlined the creative process by utilizing customizable templates which help manage costs while still maintaining, if not enhancing, the overall quality of a presentation. We keep it simple.

Up Front

Our law firm clients are able to build their brand throughout traditional broadcast channels and the Internet. We produce fresh web content from concept through completion. We optimize all content for improved searchability and interpret analytics to measure results. We create HD video content for websites and social media. We produce HD podcasts, either as a standalone or as part of a series. We conduct webinars and offer live HD streaming from our studio. We fully support news and public relations including the creation of news releases, both video and written.

We can create a website or work within our client’s existing infrastructure.

  • Fresh Web Content
  • Podcasts
  • Search Optimization and Analytics
  • News / Promotion / Public Relations
Case Review and Conceptualization

As the evidence in a case is developed and synthesized, themes in the case emerge. These establish key factors relating to liability, causation and damages. Our trial consultants develop an overall strategy and plan of action, relating to the viable and productive use of resources to present the evidence in the case where it is understandable and believable. In case after case, our input has proven to be extremely valuable.

  • Theme Development
  • Discovery Approaches
  • Utilizing Experts
  • Trial Strategy
Capture and Sync Video Depositions

We can handle your video depositions and transcripts, which are synchronized to be imported into a range of widely used litigation software. Clips are identified by page and line. We edit and compile them. Clip segments are scrubbed for objections and pauses and duration lists are created for each witness including the clips’ run times and the written transcript. We also generate PowerPoint slides that contain the transcript.

The completed package is shipped overnight, using DVDs or external hard drives. Or, it can be made available for download from our secure server. With adequate Internet access, same day turnaround times are available.

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Technical Guidance for Improved Quality
  • Multiple Cameras using Visual Aids
  • Sync to the Written Transcript
  • Clipping for Presentation
Exhibit Development

Exhibits in a case need to be readable and comprehensible. To enhance the quality and accuracy of capturing and displaying exhibits, expert support is both desirable and effective. Documents are scanned to be easily rendered with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text recognition. This enables them to be easily retrieved, viewed, and searched. In order to emphasize key portions of any document, segments can be highlighted and/or blown up. Other exhibits including photographs, videos and diagrams are categorized and treated to optimize their viewability.

  • Search with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Quick Retrieval for Display
  • Zoom and Highlight
Demonstrative Evidence

Complex cases require simplification through visual storytelling. Our designers specialize in creation of the legal graphics, which illustrate and clarify important aspects of a case.

We begin the creative process by providing ideas and strategies. Then, we create storyboards to illustrate the graphics before producing them. We engage our clients throughout the process, from concept to finished product. All of our products are easily revisable. And we are responsive to tight deadlines.

  • Storyboarding
  • Graphics/Animation
  • Expert Demonstrations
  • Biographies and Family Histories

Timelines display the key evidence of a case and how it relates. These demonstrative aids can be crucial to clarifying the who, what, why, where and when. We call it a living exhibit: where evidence comes to life. Our timelines can be developed as the case progresses, for mediation, or for trial.

Timelines are embedded with highlighted documents, video clips, graphics, photographs and diagrams. Creative use of icons, color, fonts, space and juxtaposition are useful in their overall visual impact and effectiveness.

  • Complex Themes Come to Life
  • Displays Key Evidence
  • Static or Interactive
  • Multimedia: Images, Video and Text
Supporting Experts

Experts can be either understood and believed or not. Many cases rise or fall based on how experts approach and conduct their work. This applies to the completeness of their evaluation, the preparation of their report and the strongly convicted delivery of their opinions.

We are employed to work with experts, jointly preparing a presentation of their evaluation, testing, insights and opinions. These can be embedded with edited videos and either static or animated graphics.

  • Establish Credentials
  • Impactful Visual Aids
  • Illustrate Conclusions
  • Impeach the Opposition
Focus Groups

We create and present packages of evidence for jury research or focus groups. We can be present with on-site support, including presentation equipment and technicians. We also create packages that allow our clients to present their case from their own laptop through a presentation system, tailored to suit their requirements.

At our studio location, we can provide the infrastructure to conduct jury research or focus groups including secure live internet broadcasting to private audiences.

  • Package Evidence for Presentation
  • On-Site / Off-Site Support
  • Studio Facility Available
  • Live Streaming
Mediation Packages

Our group has produced hundreds of mediation packages that contain key evidence, including witness testimony, documents, video, photographs and experts. We create linear, narrated settlement brochures. We also create interactive programs. We provide edited video and demonstrative visual aides that can be dropped into a client’s existing presentation.

This approach to mediation expedites and enables more meaningful negotiations by supporting the claims using clear and compelling evidence.

  • Justify Your Claim
  • Packages to Send in Advance
  • Present Key Evidence with Impact
  • Prepare Materials for Impeachment
At Trial - Trial Support

At trial, our team has complete control of the evidence. We present in the courtroom, using specialist trial support software, which allows exhibits or videos to be displayed. Search features allow transcripts and documents to be searched by word or phrase and retrieved.

A/V Courtroom System

We can connect to most in-house systems. We also have a complete presentation system, including a laptop, projector, document camera, scanner, monitors, a VGA mixer, an audio mixer, speakers and remote control.

War Room

We can set up an ad hoc war room network with a password-protected hard drive that contains all the evidence. This enables the trial team to access and share easily the most recent versions of files.

On-Site Graphics

We also provide on-site graphics support at trial, with one of our graphic designers. On-demand graphics can be particularly important during opening and closing arguments.

Client-Run Presentations

When our clients present their own case, we produce a package of the evidence that fits the technological capabilities of where it is being utilized. We are able to rapidly turn around edited video clips, exploding documents and graphics for our clients to use in their presentations.

  • Capture Exhibits
  • Video Deposition Editing
  • On-Call Graphics
  • On-Site / Off-Site Tech Support