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What we do

From Concept to Completion

Phaktory creates compelling content through visual storytelling.

As a creative team, we have decades of experience developing projects including the creation of scripts, designing visuals and constructing presentations that are clear, concise, credible and cost effective.

Digital Publishing

Phaktory produces digital packages either as an e-book or e-zine, giving visual impact to your content. Digital distrubution allows your publication to be widely seen by your target audience.

Video Production

Phaktory crafts custom video packages for clients all over the world. Utilizing the latest technology, our video content presents your story in the best light.

Trusted by world-class brands:

Legal media

Legal Media Specialists

With over 30 years of experience, Phaktory specializes in legal media, either in discovery, during mediation or at trial. Our packages give you the edge in presenting your evidence as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Legal Video

Trial Lawyers as Visual Storytellers

We have produced thousands of packages for different types of cases with clients throughout the United States.

Settlement Brochures

Utilizing this highly-effective technique, a trial lawyer can gain the timely attention of decision makers on the other side and control the message of a case. Achieved in 15 minutes or less, the documentary-style video summarizes visually the best evidence on liability, causation and damages

Day in the Life Films

Produced under the rules of evidence and with respect and dignity, these videos document the arduous daily ordeals that individuals and their families endure as they courageously face current and future obstacles that a disabling life brings, if provided with adequate care and support.


The Living Exhibit™

The Living Exhibit™ is our brand of custom-built timelines. They tell the story by visually synthesizing and efficiently presenting the evidence in a case. Timelines are extremely useful and highly effective in maintaining the judge and jury’s attention while re-enforcing case themes clearly and succinctly.

Delivery Formats

We build timelines for their end use, so what we deliver depends on what you need. Printed, digital or embedded into a Powerpoint, we build solutions for every requirement. From simple to complex, a Living Exhibit grows with your case.


With the more comprehensive interactive approach, the timeline is electronically displayed and its content layered with ready access to more detailed data, graphics and video segments. Content can be displayed in its entirety or a build-as-you-go feature is available and allows the timeline to grow as the case is presented.

Trial support

At Trial

Our set-up includes a highly skilled technician and state-of-the art presentation software to display evidence through a projector and screen or TV monitor(s), document camera, and static-free audio system.

Case Databases

We assist our clients in creating and maintaining a database of the evidence in the case including exhibits and videos which are accessible instantaneously. Documents can be viewed with specific call-outs. Videos are synced to the transcript and can be edited by page and line number with objections removed.

Off-Site Support

In medium to smaller cases which cannot support an on-site trial support service, we can work with our clients in advance to prepare edited videos and demonstrative exhibits. We offer remote capability with our support team standing by during trial, providing a rapid response to ongoing demands.

James Baxter Gentry IV

“When our clients go to trial, they invest in having an expert in the 'hot seat' to ensure that the case presentation proceeds efficiently and seamlessly.”

// Phaktory president
Baxter Gentry III

“With my over 30 years of experience, I can deliver product on time and above expectation.”

// Executive producer
Who We Are

Creative Team

Whether in the courtroom, on location, or in the studio, our mission is clear: deliver products and services, on time and beyond expectation.

James Baxter Gentry IV
James Baxter Gentry IV founded Phaktory and drives the vital aspects of our production company. He has 15 years of professional experience in graphic design, video editing, and systems engineering. He has directed segments that have been seen on MSNBC and Free Speech TV.

Within the legal arena, he occupies the "hot seat" in trial, facilitating the presentation of evidence to judge and jury. His clients include major international corporations.

He holds a B.A. from the American University of Paris, a M.A. from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a M.F.A. in directing from the École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle & de Réalisation in Paris.

He speaks five languages: English, French, Italian, German and Dutch.
Baxter Gentry III
Serving as our Executive Producer, Baxter Gentry is a seasoned media producer with 30 plus years of experience. He is a former TV News Anchor and Reporter, also working as a Field Producer for CNN and ABC News. Mr. Gentry has received awards from the Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists.

His popular seminar, “Technology and the Art of Persuasion” has been conducted throughout the United States. He has remained solidly committed to volunteerism over the years, serving as a video producer for such worthwhile organizations as Honor Flight and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

As Mr. Gentry often says: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can be worth millions."

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical trial package cost?

In trial, the cost is $1750/day (based off of a 10 hour day) plus travel expenses. This includes full courtroom set-up, expert technician, war-room support and on-site graphics production.

How much does a video settlement brochure cost to produce?

Much of the cost relates to the length of the finished program. Typically, budgets for a broadcast quality program created by highly specialized producers range from $5500 to $15,000.

The overall budget can be reduced when our clients do more of the work in terms of preparing content to be included. However, we need input from the onset of this process to better insure optimal results.

Most often, these videos are linear news-style short documentaries laying out the key evidence in the case on liability, causation and damages. Each program is custom structured with various emphases placed on these areas.

This video contains key factual summaries, key documents with call outs, key testimony, either oral or by video (sound bites), key expert opinions and analysis, and damages: client background, events, medical care summaries, economic impact, emotional losses and future needs and losses.

Often, experts provide sound bites on video, commenting about his/her opinions. Clients are also interviewed for this particular purpose, to provide statements about the case in a structured but home environment.

The program must be concise, credible and compelling, less than 30 minutes, or even better, 8 to 15 minutes. We’ve produced hundreds of these brochures and professionally edit them for brevity, following classic storytelling structure.

However, interactive programming is available, where key case evidence is accessible through a password protected web site, where invited guests can view contents and also, can or cannot be granted download capability.

These programs are either used at the opening of mediation or sent out in advance to get the right people at the table with sufficient settlement authority.

What are costs associated with creating a The Living Exhibit™ timeline?

Timelines can be quite simple - a static display board. Or they can morph into a more complex exhibit with interactive links to the related evidence in the case. All of them begin with a Excel worksheet detailing the content including title, type, source and call outs. The typical budget for a static timeline is $375-$2500. Interactive timelines are bid according to the scope of the project.

A timeline is a PDF exhibit either marked as evidence or used as a demonstrative aide.

It is simply the evidence visually displayed for brevity and clarity. At trial, time is of the essence (the clock can be literally ticking), and judges and juries appreciate the attorney who is successfully assisting them in seeing and appreciating the evidence as efficiently as possible.

Timelines can be printed up to board size or viewed electronically on a monitor or projector. They are used often as an ongoing ‘war room’ reference during discovery in depositions, in case preparation, trial strategizing, at mediation or in trial.

They are organized chronologically, displayed in layers by theme, and are created with specialized professional design principles and approaches utilizing placement, color, imagery, text style and iconology.

Our timelines are called living exhibits because they are revisable, can be created to present each of the elements “as you go” and/or built interactively, with a live ‘go to’ feature with links to video clips or ‘deeper dives’ into a particular document or other exhibits.

What is involved in producing a Day in the Life film? What are the costs?

Arrangements are made to film a full day following a phone de-briefing we conduct with the client. If visits to outside facilities or at-home nursing is involved, then appropriate permission is sought to have cameras recording.

We shoot our own work product. That assures us that we can deliver exceptional results with a finely crafted story with compelling images, complete scenes and sound track with admissibility considered from the on-set of production.

We emphasize that dignity is preserved and we seek not to invoke sympathy but respect. Often, we interview the client(s) and use the narrative either in court, or when the program is distributed in advance of trial.

What a judge or jury can appreciate from the program is insight into an individual’s efforts in their daily struggles and challenges to do what they can for themselves.  It also clearly demonstrates the level of care that is required today and into the future in terms of maintaining a level of independence that is achievable if, according to the life care plan, adequate resources are provided.

In significant cases, this type of investment obtaining expert support can be critical to the outcome. Most budgets range from $3500-$5500.00 plus travel expenses.

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