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Phaktory creates compelling content through visual storytelling
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Layout and Design
Build Interactivity
Our E-Publishing Process
Transform the printed word and create an extraordinary interactive presentation enriched with graphics, images and videos. Structured for readability and comprehension, convey persuasive content directly to your target audience.

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Remote Communication

In our current world, we’re all going more remote. But are you communicating as effectively? Are you telling your story? What’s on screen? How do you appear in the environment you’ve created? Are there positive or negative impressions being made? Is your content and messaging clear, credible and reliable?

Quality Content

When expertly produced, as Bill Gates puts it: “Content is king."

We develop content or improve what must be concise, accurate and complete. We facilitate its publication across a wide variety of public platforms or create a private and secure website with limited access.

Collaborating with our clients, we produce high-quality packages. We develop concepts, scripts and content formatting. We gather visual assets, including shooting broadcast-quality video locations. We produce graphics. We edit. And we publish and distribute content.

Digital Publishing

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Phaktory produces finely-crafted e-Books, e-Folios, e-Reports and e-Hand-Outs. We take your text and build a package that includes graphics, charts, links and videos. Our products can be made as interactive PDFs that build-in a level of engagement that far surpasses what you think of in a standard PDF file. The entire package can be downloaded by your target audience to be read and shared to spread your message as widely as possible. If privacy is a concern, we can create privately-sharable PDFs that are also password-protected to keep your information safe. Whether a book or brochure, our e-publications span business, law, medicine and education.

Phaktory also produces e-books that are displayed in an HTML5 player that adds an elegant way to experience the content, along with links and embedded videos. We take protection of your intellectual property seriously. The text can either be selectable and indexable by search engines or can be rasterized as JPEGs to prevent copying.

We also construct dynamic websites that can either be published on the web or used in confidential settings where private and secure access is required.

Let us add impressive production value to your e-publication and help you stand out from the crowd.

Video production

We have decades of experience and produced hundreds of a wide-variety of projects, with broadcast-quality video for clients ranging from multi-national corporations, global television networks, universities, law firms and non-profit organizations. The advent of online video has revolutionized the web and both created demand and built expectations. Your audience needs to see and hear you and a website without a video is not only penalized by search engines, but lacks engagement with the audience.

Simply put, people prefer video. They have short attention spans. No other single element has such an important place in our contemporary communication landscape.

Why video?

  • Gain and Maintain the Viewer’s Attention
  • Present Complex Content Credibly, Concisely and Completely
  • Capitalize on Proven Visual Storytelling Techniques
  • Deliver Content in Digestible Amounts
  • Create Moments that are Moving and Memorable

Our videos go hand-in-hand with our other digital publications. Add a video element to your e-publication and increase the impact of your message.

Powerpoint presentations

Microsoft Powerpoint has grown to become the dominant communication tool used by businesses to add a visual aid to their presentations. Powerpoint is plagued, however, by over-used templates and poor-quality design. A badly made Powerpoint can actually hurt your communication, either by distracting the audience from listening to you or by failing to serve its purpose as a visual aid.

We have enhanced countless Powerpoint presentations with rich visuals, compelling iconography and attention-retaining interactivity.

Having a professional design or compliment your existing presentation will make your communication much more effective and present a more competent and professional image to your audience.

path to completion

How To Go From AN Initial Idea to a Finished Package

Establish Objectives

Who is your audience? What is the scope of your communications? Do you want a linear presentation or do you want an interactive one? What kind of text, images, graphics and/or video do you want? Is your content to be provided for free or will it be pay to view/download?

With answers to these questions, a solid set of objectives will emerge.

Prepare a Budget

Costs are always a consideration, and no one likes surprises. Wiz bang only goes so far. “Simple is better” turns out most often to be the best approach. We advise you to spend prudently but don’t pinch where quality would be compromised.

Our goal is to make best use of whatever resources are made available to us. After decades of experience across a broad spectrum of projects, we know where to spend and what is vital and what is not.

Package Content

To accomplish our objectives efficiently, we plan carefully. We construct and execute a workable schedule, with your oversight and participation. We remain adaptable and maintain necessary contingencies. Backing up or changing course can be expensive and wasteful. Clearance at various stages of the process is gained from project executives/managers in order to avoid preventable revisions.

Our product can be delivered to be physically printed and/or for a broad variety of digital platforms. We implement strict security measures in transferring digital content, either source materials or finished product.

Video Enhances Your Online Communication Strategy

Improves SEO

53x More Likely to Appear First in Google Search

Boosts Conversions

80% Increase in Conversions with Use of Video

Builds Trust

57% Have Higher Confidence in Product or Service

Litigation Support

We Help Lawyers to Communicate their message Effectively

Settlement Brochures

We have produced thousands of presentations for a myriad of cases with top trial lawyers throughout the United States.

This highly persuasive technique gains the timely attention of decision makers on the opposing side of the case and summarize visually the best evidence on liability, causation and damages. The content includes a narrative, key documents, witness testimony, exhibits, experts, and demonstrative evidence.

We can create them as private web sites or e-brochures which are PDF-interactive packages. The content is securely available for viewing or downloading via the internet. We’ve also produced video brochures that are news-style narrated documentaries, expertly edited for brevity and impact.


The Living Exhibit™ is our brand of custom-built timelines. They tell the story by visually synthesizing and efficiently presenting the evidence in a case. Timelines are extremely useful and highly effective in maintaining the judge and jury’s attention while re-enforcing case themes clearly and succinctly.

We build timelines for their end use, so what we deliver depends on what you need. Printed, digital or embedded into a Powerpoint, we build solutions for every requirement. From simple to complex, a Living Exhibit grows with your case.

With the more comprehensive interactive approach, the timeline is electronically displayed and its content layered with ready access to more detailed data, graphics and video segments. Content can be displayed in its entirety or a build-as-you-go feature is available and allows the timeline to grow as the case is presented.

Trial Support

Our set-up includes a highly skilled technician and state-of-the art presentation software to display evidence through a projector and screen or TV monitor(s), document camera, and static-free audio system. We consult with clients to enhance their outcomes.

We assist our clients in creating and maintaining a database of the evidence in the case including exhibits and videos which are accessible instantaneously. Documents can be viewed with specific call-outs. Videos are synced to the transcript and can be edited by page and line number with objections removed.

In medium to smaller cases which cannot support an on-site trial support service, we can work with our clients in advance to prepare edited videos and demonstrative exhibits. We offer remote capability with our support team standing by during trial, providing a rapid response to ongoing demands.

CREATIVE Leadership

Whether in the courtroom, on location, or in the studio, our mission is clear: deliver products and services, on time and beyond expectation.

James Baxter Gentry IV

James Baxter Gentry IV founded Phaktory and has 15 years of professional experience in graphic design, video editing, and systems engineering. As an e-Publisher, his skills have been applied across a wide variety of business, medical, academic and legal publications.

Within the legal arena, he occupies the "hot seat" in trial, facilitating the presentation of evidence to judge and jury. His clients include major international corporations.

He holds a B.A. from the American University of Paris, a M.A. from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a M.F.A. in directing from the École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle & de Réalisation in Paris.

He speaks five languages: English, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

Baxter Gentry III

Serving as our Executive Producer, Baxter Gentry is a seasoned media producer with 30 plus years of experience. He is a former TV News Anchor and Reporter, also working as a Field Producer for CNN and ABC News. Mr. Gentry has received awards from the Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists.

His popular seminar, “Technology and the Art of Persuasion” has been conducted throughout the United States. He has remained solidly committed to volunteerism over the years, serving as a video producer for such worthwhile organizations as Honor Flight and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

As Mr. Gentry often says: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can be worth millions."

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