Take your content and let us transform it into a stunningly designed e-publication, rich with interactivity, illustrations, charts, graphs and video. As PDFs, on websites, or through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and other ePub platforms, we have custom packages to suit all sorts of subject matter: fiction, business, legal or non-profit.

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Digital Publishing

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PDF E-Publications

Phaktory produces finely crafted e-Books, e-Folios, e-Reports and e-Handouts. We take your text and build a package that includes graphics, charts, links and videos. If privacy is a concern, we can create privately-sharable PDFs that are also password-protected to keep your information safe. Whether a book or brochure, our e-publications span business, law, medicine and education.

Phaktory also produces e-Books that are displayed in an HTML5 player that adds an elegant way to experience the content, along with links and embedded videos. We take protection of your intellectual property seriously. The text can either be selectable and indexable by search engines or can be rasterized as JPEGs to prevent copying.

Let us add impressive production value to your e-Publication and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Website Design

Smash the template. Phaktory designs, builds and maintains 100% custom-built static and dynamic websites.

Our sites can be published on the web or used in confidential settings where private, secure or paid access is required. We build our dynamic sites on highly reliable and secure platforms, utilizing CMS (Content Management System) software.

Our sites are also responsively designed, to be viewed on any screen size, providing an unparalleled mobile experience and vastly improving your site’s SEO.

Powerpoint Presentations

Microsoft Powerpoint has grown to become the dominant communication tool used by businesses to add a visual aid to their presentations. Powerpoint is plagued by over-used templates and poor-quality design. A badly made Powerpoint can actually hurt your communication, either by distracting the audience from listening to you or by failing to serve its purpose as a visual aid.

We have enhanced countless Powerpoint presentations with rich visuals, compelling iconography and attention-retaining interactivity.

Having a professional design or compliment your existing presentation will make your communication much more effective and present a more competent and professional image to your audience.

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Watch e-publications in action

We produced a series of e-publications on complications with pelvic mesh.

Cover of PDF e-book Pelvic Mesh Pain Cover of e-book Chronic Pelvic Pain