Audio/Video Production

We have produced thousands of videos and podcasts for clients across the United States. With an approach that focuses on quality, a Phaktory video or podcast will help you to communicate your message while appearing in the best possible light.

IC Squared 30th Anniversary video cover

We have decades of experience and produced hundreds of a wide variety of projects, with broadcast-quality video and audio for clients ranging from multinational corporations, global television networks, universities, law firms and non-profit organizations. The advent of online video has revolutionized the web and both created demand and built expectations. Your audience needs to see and hear you and a website without a video or a podcast is not only penalized by search engines, but lacks engagement with the audience.

Simply put, people prefer video. They have short attention spans. No other single element has such an important place in our contemporary communication landscape.

Why video?

  • Gain and Maintain the Viewer’s Attention
  • Present Complex Content Credibly, Concisely and Completely
  • Capitalize on Proven Visual Storytelling Techniques
  • Deliver Content in Digestible Amounts
  • Create Moments that are Moving and Memorable

Our videos go hand-in-hand with our other digital publications. Add a video element to your e-publication and increase the impact of your message.